How it all began

Jaouad El Mokrifi, CEO and Founder of YWAM Diamonds started his passion for diamonds after creating a collection dedicated to falconry which he presented at the 3rd Abu Dhabi International Festival in December 2015.

Long known for his artistic talents as a fashion designer, jack of all trades, Jaouad El Mokrifi arrived quite naturally in the very precious field of diamonds and precious stones, where it has become an essential reference in the largest diamond market in Antwerp.

This has allowed JEM Diamonds to be recognized as one of the most distinguished jewelry houses in France and Belgium.

It all started in 2002, after art studies Jaouad El Mokrifi joined ESMOD international one of the world's largest fashion schools . On 2003, Jaouad El Mokrifi begins his first fashion collections after working with the Haute Couture House Max Chaoul. On 2004, the JEM couture house is launched. Success is at the rendezvous. On 2006, he is elected best fashion designer in France at the NRJ Music Awards where he collaborates with many French and international musical artists such as the Black eyed peas.

Several haute-couture collections followed, ready-to-wear and semi-precious jewelry distributed in Lafayette galleries and internationally, particularly in Japan.

On 2015, a new torment takes shape in his career the discovery of the jewelry industry which he integrates into this collection for falconry.

The artist launches a new challenge that is as technical as it is artistic, Jaouad El Mokrifi creates a new collection intended for falconry with the nobility of the rarest materials such as leathers, l’or, rubies and diamonds. Very quickly he was selected best French designer to present his collection in Abu Dhabi.

Taken by a terrible desire to perfect this art of luxury. His life path crosses that of Alain Zlayet diamond dealer and renowned expert with an experience of 30 years in the very closed world of Antwerp diamond dealers. From this budding friendship Alain Zlayet decides to take the artist under his wing, to teach him all the tricks of the diamond trade by 2017, the challenge of learning a whole new profession does not frighten the artist who decided to put a parenthesis in his career as a designer to achieve the perfection of luxury and diamonds. In his life path, Jaouad El Mokrifi crosses in 2019 the famous jeweler, Maxence Van Der Bauwede, jeweler-watchmaker, with whom Jaouad El Mokrifi collaborates. This teaches him the rigor and the well-known Swiss precision.. End 2019, Jaouad El Mokrifi settles in Antwerp to perfect his knowledge in diamonds by working with the largest global suppliers.

A whole new profession begins : the cutting and sale of exceptional diamonds. In turn became an expert in the cutting and marketing of the finest and rarest diamonds in the world, it is only natural that Jaouad El Mokrifi, create its new luxury brand "JEM diamonds", surrounded by the most renowned artisans of the Antwerp dung diamond sector.

Jaouad El Mokrifi dedicates his life to creating beautiful and exquisite diamond / gemstone jewelry.

The uncompromising beauty and quality of each piece of jewelery in the JEM Diamonds collection defines rarity, luxury and elegance.

Craftsmen spend countless hours designing breathtaking pieces.

World-renowned artisans specializing in sculptural silverware, gemstone setting, micro paver setting and hand engravings use the highest level of perfection to elevate the limits of each masterpiece JEM Diamonds creates each piece of jewelry as a timeless work of art. Furthermore, the house offers to custom design the jewelry of your dreams. Working with clients all over the world, the JEM Diamonds craftsmen inspired by the dynamism of the designers and their vast experience of working with all age groups and all traditions to achieve the masterpieces of your dreams in diamonds and other precious stones . All while mixing art, the design and creativity of the artist.

Our engagement, it's creativity ; designing and manufacturing the most beautiful products in the world.

Sac, robes, glasses, adornments, watches, car, diamond phone.

Our only limit remains the budget of our customers.


After 20 years of experience in the design industry, fashion and advertising.
Jaouad El mokrifi's love story with diamonds opens a new era, transforming the designer into a wholesale diamond expert which allows him to have the most beautiful diamonds at the fairest prices on the market to achieve the craziest and most precious diamond creations,precious stones, or, platinum…..

Future and outlook

JEM diamonds has been working for a while on the project of a watch with the famous Swiss Watchmaker and a Haute Couture and jewelry collection while projecting this into the future which remains secret.
Creativity and knowledge have no limits.

The JEM diamonds commitment to natural and conflict-free diamonds

YWAM Diamonds strongly believes in social responsibility and the ethnicity of business.
We only operate in countries that participate in the Kimberley Process and meet the requirements of the safeguards system. We pride ourselves on ensuring that all of our diamonds come from conflict free sources and that the revenue generated from mining our diamonds goes to the right people.
As the Kimberley Process is reviewed and adjusted, JEM Diamonds will always maintain the highest level of compliance with laws and suggestions on the international diamond trade..
Jaouad El Mokrifi refuses to use lab-grown diamonds for its jewelry collections.
We only used diamonds 100% nature formed by the earth for billions of years, therefore 100% natural.

"Carrying lab-grown diamonds in fine jewelry is like carrying a counterfeit bag".
According to the creator, technology will continue to advance and over time, the investment in lab grown diamonds will have no market value what has been the beauty of natural diamonds for centuries is their rarities and their formations which have taken billions of years from nature.

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